Chilly August Sunday……..

Just got back from the bog with my dogs.  Here are some pictures of our relaxing day.



I was thinking about getting another tattoo. Probably something to do with kayaking. I am still in the process of sketching.

I was looking online for ideas and found some pretty funny tattoos. Dont worry, I wont get one like these!


I recently saw this really cool thing via a friend’s facebook pictures. It is a bar, on wheels. It looks like a hotdog cart-type-thing where it is a bar that has 8-10 seats around it. and it moves down the road while the bar patrons are peddling it. the bartender is also the driver/steerer. It is kind of hard to explain, but the pictures explain it well. I guess it is located in Holland, Michigan and you can rent it out. I think Marquette needs one. Hell! I will build one! I wonder if you need a liquor licence?