Weekend Trip to Kalamazoo

Nic and I went downstate this past weekend. I took Friday off so that we could spend some time with both of our families. We first stopped off at my parents and took advantage of the hot tub. then we left early Friday morning to meet my friend Frank, from college. We met up with him and went biking at Fort Custer. The trails down there were so much different from the ones in the U.P. They were very sandy and had a lot of loose gravel, but it was fun. There are so many trails out there and so many intersections. I lost the boys within the first 15 minutes and ended up biking alone for about an hour. It was a good time though! After that, Nic and I went to his parents where he helped his dad work on their house that they are remodeling. We hung out at his house again Saturday and then went into Kalamazoo with Nic’s sister, Chelsea to go rock climbing at an indoor gym. It was a lot of fun but I am STILL sore! We met up with Nic’s highschool friends that night. It was nice seeing Nic around his buddies that he knew from when he was growing up. On Sunday, we got to see Nic’s niece, Channing. She is getting so big and cute! Overall, the weekend was really busy, but we had a great time.


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