Shoe Mishap

A very unfortunate thing happened this weekend in the chaos of moving. I had a bag packed with all of my outdoor shoes (brand new Chaco sandals, hiking boots, biking shoes, winter boots, rain boots, etc.) and it accidently got mixed up in the pile of things to donate to St. Vincent de Paul resale shop. So now I have NO shoes besides flip-flops and heels. $400+ worth of shoes are gone. I almost cried.

We tried getting them back, but they told me that I was out of luck. We legally cannot go back in the donation pile and search for them, and once they go on the shelves, they are gone forever. šŸ˜¦

Also, it snowed today and I was stuck wearing my flip-flops to work. Besides that terribleĀ incident, we are officially all moved in and the painting will probably start this weekend. More pictures to come!


One thought on “Shoe Mishap

  1. Update! I found a couple pairs of my shoes buried under a pile of cardboard and paper bags when I took out recycling yesterday. Still in search of my hiking boots and snow boots though!

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