End of Summer BBQ

Last night we had over 20 people over for a BBQ. It was a great time. We had tons of food! Megan was back from North Carolina and Nic’s mom and sister were up to move his sis into the dorms. Chelsea starts college at NMU on Monday! How exciting. A new recruit in Marquette!

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Not a Puppy Anymore!


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Fish turns 3 next week! I can’t believe that I have had him for this long. Seems like just yesterday, I was carrying him inside of my jacket to keep him warm while hiking. He and Stick are both very … Continue reading


Swimming in Produce!

Will you look at all of the colors in our CSA box today!!! I was working really hard yesterday to make room in the fridge for the new box this week. I made pickles, pesto, cilantro sauce and borscht. Sue Keiser gave me a beautiful bunch of beets and a head of lettuce. The borscht was amazing! (I actually just finished a bowl.)

The weather has been great lately. We finally got some rain! And it cooled off quite a bit. But wow, the lake is really warm. I have been bathing in the lake about every other day. (biodegradable soap, of course) Sorry for the short post, but Nic and I are headed out to pick blueberries and take a dip in Lake Superior. Rough life. I know…..