Guaco and Fish

Guaco, our cat, teases Fish all day long. He is always hiding behind chairs and jumping out at him. Fish has no clue what to do! He just wants to play so badly.



Update on Stick



Stick’s leg issues have been getting much worse lately. He was having some trouble with limping this spring. It started with him limping after long runs or exercise and now it has progressed to everyday. He doesn’t use his back leg and it hurts him to walk and lay down. The pain killers that the vet gave him are not working as well. So, on Tuesday he will be having ACL surgery and his meniscus removed. He wont be able to use his leg for 8 weeks! Meaning that there will be no walking, playing, or going up stairs. Nic and I even need to carry him up and down the outside steps to go potty 😦 Hopefully after he is recovered, he will be running around and playing with Fish like old times!I took Stick and Fish to the bog yesterday to let them run around and play with each other. It will be one of the last times they can play until next spring. He really enjoyed every minute of it!


New Hair Do!

I finally broke down and got my hair done, after 8+ months without a haircut. I dyed it a few months ago to try and get rid of the red that comes out in the sun. But the new highlights and cut looks much better. She cut 7 inches off the back!

The Beginning


The Middle


The End