Mexico Day Cuatro

It was day four in the Yucatan and we finally felt like we were getting the hang of things. We successfully got gas without being ripped off, and we getting used to the roads. We left Santa Elena pretty early in the morning after another big breakfast and headed to Bacalar. When I first started researching Mexico, one of the places that really caught my attention was Bacalar. It was a little town located just north of the Belize border, on the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It was right on a freshwater lagoon, or lake called Lagunas Bacalar. It looked beautiful, and it sure was.

We easily found the eco-lodge that we reserved a cabana at. It was at a place called Villas Ecotucan. The lodge was located on a big piece of land on the lake. When we arrived, we were met by Jacqueline, a German who spoke great English. She showed us around and was very helpful. The cabana was gorgeous and very similar to the last hut that we stayed in. It was made of mud and had a straw roof. This cabana had a bugnet both over the ceiling and the beds also, which we found to be helpful with keeping the bugs out. But they still got in, so we covered our things with the nets on the beds and it worked well. The electricity and hot water was all solar powered, so that was cool. Nic went down to the lake and jumped off the dock right after we go there because it was so hot.

After we got settled in, we drove to the town of Bacalar in search of lunch. Jacqueline recommended this place called Cenote Azul, which was a restaurant and a place that you can swim in a cenote. It was Nic’s first time trying ceviche and he loved it! We didn’t swim in the cenote but it was very pretty.

On our way back to the lodge, we saw a very unique “house” in Bacalar. It was a raised school bus. Very interesting.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, reading on the dock. It was great to just relax. Once it got windy, we went into town to find dinner. We searched around for places and after a while we saw this tiny little place called “El Meson”. It was a shabby brick building with a covered porch and a few tables and chairs. We were skeptical, but hungry. This very nice guy read us the menu, which was just 3 types of enchiladas for 15 pesos each. I got the cheese with peppers and Nic opted for the chicken. They were awesome! We are so glad we didn’t pass by this place. We also ordered some lemonade but when it showed up with a ton of ice in it, we were kind of scared because we were warned about having ice in Mexico. Who knows if it was made from purified water, so we didn’t drink it. After a little while, some more tourists showed up and they asked for beer. The waiter said “sure” and ran down to the party store to buy some beer :). Then a man with a guitar showed up and started playing. The waiter came up to me and said “do you like the serenade? He is my father. I don’t pay him, I just called him up and told him to come here”. It was a fun time and so cheap. It is amazing how weary we were about eating at this hole-in-the-wall, but we met some very friendly people and had a delicious meal. I decided that I loved Bacalar and wanted to bring my family back here someday.

Nic and I bought a six pack of beer and came back to the cabana . We found bugs everywhere! There were some creepy spiders and a beetle fell right on Nic’s head. He screamed like a little girl. We tucked ourselves into the bug net on the bed and drank our beers and read. We slept very well that night.


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