Mexico Day Ocho

This was our last day in Mexico and it was pretty uneventful considering that it was just a car ride to the airport. Well…uneventful besides getting pulled over by the police.

We woke up early and left Akumal for the 1.5 hour drive to Cancun Airport. We stopped to fill up with gas one last time before returning the rental car. As we were pulling out of the station, Nic saw a police truck flash his lights behind us. Uh oh. We pulled over and a policeman came to Nic’s window. Nic doesn’t speak Spanish, so I took over the conversation right away. Apparently Nic ran a red light and he wanted us to follow him to the police station so we can pay our fines. I explained to him that we were late for the airport and we didn’t have the 1300 pesos ($100 USD) to pay the ticket. He seemed unphased and took Nic’s license back to the truck. He was obviously talking to his partner waiting in the truck, about the situation. When he came back, I opened up my wallet and showed him the 400 pesos that I had left. It was all the money we really had (without having money transferred from an ATM). He reached into the car and grabbed the money, crumpled it into his hand and gave Nic back his licence. He told us to have a good day and walked away. We were kind of confused but happy to not have to pay a ticket and deal with the hassle of a Mexican police station!

The rest of the day went OK. We got to the airport on time and had a really crappy and expensive lunch at Margaritaville. We also saw Food Network’s Aaron Sanchez at the airport. Nic recognized him right away. When arrived at Cleveland, we got our car and drove all the way to Marquette, stopping only to pick up the dogs at my parents. We were anxious to get home but it was a wonderful trip!

I hope you enjoyed my blogs about our trip to the Yucatan. Maybe it will inspire you to take a trip there someday and stay at the great places that we did. Leave me some feedback if you wish!


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