Mexico Day Siete

Day seven started bright and early with a yoga class headed by Leon, the owner of Organic Yoga in Akumal, Mexico. Leon has a separate hut for yoga lessons, complete with mats. It was cool to do yoga in the middle of the jungle. Nic and I practice yoga a few times a month, but we are not pros. Claudia, Leon’s live-in worker from Italy also joined us, as well as his chihuahua. The class was relaxing and it really helped stretch out my back. Nic and I both have back problems. At one point, when we were doing downward dog, the little chihuahua thought it would be great fun to play with my hair. It is hard to concentrate with a little puppy licking and chewing your face, but it brought some laughs. Leon had us doing headstands (which I am not very good at) and Nic even tried the scorpion, which is a very hard pose.

I took a ton of pictures at Organic Yoga (Click on the pictures to enlarge them). The ecolodge was beautiful, with paths curving through the gardens that led to the traditional Mayan huts. Leon had a Mayan sauna (or sweat lodge) that he used for meditation and I thought that was really neat. I also took a ton of pictures of his dogs! They followed us everywhere, playing around and leading us along the paths. If you ever come to Akumal, make sure you stay at Organic Yoga.

After Yoga, Nic and I made breakfast at the lodge and went to the beach. We went to the same beach that we went to the previous night for the sunset, Xpu-Ha. We got a little too much sun right away! Within a couple hours, we were both pretty burned. The beach at Xpu-Ha was very sandy and there wasn’t that many people. There were a few kiteboarders out on the ocean and that was fun to watch. We put on our snorkels and just played around in the water for hours. The water was so warm and refreshing.

After the sun and a few beers had worn us out, we seeked out some lunch along the highway. We learned that the best places for food in Mexico are the little restaurants that are right on the side of the road. They are cheap and authentic. I had the most amazing chile rellenos quesadillas. The sauces at this little place were out of this world. We each had a full meal and a coke for under $6 USD. Can’t beat that!

We went back to the Akumal beach that we visited yesterday for a sailing trip that I booked online. When we got to the sailing place, they told us that they didn’t have enough people reserve a spot on the tour to do it. ūüė¶ We were so sad! I was really looking forward to this activity. So we had the whole evening and nothing to do. We decided to walk along the shore and see where it took us. Nic and I were both pretty glum at this point about not being able to sail. We needed a drink to cheer us up. So we walked a mile or so until we found a restaurant and had a margarita.

After that, we walked back into Akumal and watched the sunset on the beach while we waited for a resort restaurant to open up. They had a pasta buffet and we were starving. It was a nice restaurant that was aimed for the tourists staying at the resort. It was $44USD for dinner and that was the most we had ever spent for a meal on the trip! It wasn’t local food, but it sure filled us up. Even at this fancy restaurant, there were cats roaming under the tables begging for food. Nic fed this cat with scary eyes and after he gobbled up the scallop he gave him, he hissed and scratched Nic! The waiter said that he hates the cats because people feed them and they never go away….oops!

This night was our last night in Mexico. We went back to the lodge and packed all of our things so that we could leave early for the airport. I went to bed early and tucked myself into the bug net to read. Nic sat out on the front porch and had a beer. The hut was very dark and I had a headlamp on so that I could see my book, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I started to see little shadows around the room and I got kind of scared. Leon, the owner of Organic Yoga, and Valerie, the owner of ¬†The Pickled Onion (where we stayed near Uxmal) had both talked to us about the Aluxes.

  • Aluxes are mythical beings that the Mayans strongly believe in. They are little people, like leprechauns or gremlins. They are very¬†mischievous¬†and have been part of the Yucatan culture for hundreds of years. Valerie told us that if something around her place becomes missing or misplaced, it is blamed on the Aluxes. Leon had told us the night before, that he has seen them running around the house or in the jungle.

Maybe it was the Dracula book I was reading, or maybe I was just freaked out by the Aluxes stories, but I was certain that I had a little friend in the hut with me that night! When Nic came to bed, I asked him what he was doing outside on the porch. He said he was trying to be really quiet so that he could get a glimpse of an Alux! It was kind of strange that we were both having the same thoughts that night. We sadly never saw the little guys though.


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