Hail Storm

Friday night, it was raining very hard all day. It started to get sunny out around 7pm, so we decided to load up to canoe and go fishing at Harlow Lake, just North of Marquette. When we got to the lake, we had just started to unload the canoe out of the car and the sky got very dark. It started to rain really hard, so we got back in the car to wait it out. After 5 minutes of heavy rain, it began to hail. The hail was small at first but quickly turned to the size of ping pong balls. It hailed for about 25 minutes nonstop. I was worried that my windshield was going to break, but luckily we were parked under some trees that blocked most of the damage. The sound of the hail hitting the roof of the car was so loud, that my friend and I couldn’t hear each other talk. We were in awe. When the hail stopped, we got outside of the car to access the damage. The car was fine but there were 3 inches of solid hail inside of the canoe and the ground was covered in white. The lake also raised 8 inches in half an hour and was flooding the parking lot. Once it was safe to drive, we got back home. I was very worried about my garden. There were large hail balls all over the yard but the garden seemed fine. My friend’s garden6 blocks North of me, was completely destroyed.

Yes, that is hail in the back of the canoe. Listen to how loud it is!


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