It’s getting hot in here.

Life has been pretty rough in the U.P…… I think that I have been on my bike everyday since the beginning of June. Both mountain biking and just biking around town. Nic and I went for a nighttime cruise on the bikes around downtown Marquette last night. Between the full moon, fireworks off the beach and the heat lightning in the distance, the sky was lit with energy. The weather has been very hot lately (high 80’s and 90’s), but luckily we have been getting some good rainstorms at night. My garden is loving it. The dogs are not loving it so much. We put the air conditioner in the bedroom to keep them cool. 

Nic and I have also been climbing a bit. We took one of my hometown friends up to Negaunee for his first time rock climbing. Last weekend was the Marquette Bike Jam. We watched the road races in town where they had the main streets closed off for the bikers. We also went up to the ski hill to watch the downhill races. We had a lot of friends racing. Marquette has such a great bike community. Another reason why I love to live here…

I have been paddling a bit. I am looking at getting a new kayak and Nic is really into the stand-up paddle boards. We are planning on kayaking the AuTrain river tomorrow on the 4th because everyone has the day off. Lake Superior is very warm right now (78 degrees) and it is perfect for swimming! That may not seem very warm to some people, but around here it is great.

Stick turned 5 last week! He is looking really grey but his energy is still there. We have him on glucosamine chews for his arthritis but his leg is doing great since the knee surgery in October. He can still go on 5 mile bike rides.

My mom, grandpa and his girlfriend, Gloria, came up a couple days ago.  They stayed at The Landmark Inn. I got them the employee discount and we also had a nice dinner there. Nic got us 5 free tickets for the Marquette Harbor Cruise and we did that on Sunday afternoon. I guess working in this town has it’s perks! The cruise was great. We saw some landmarks that you go to a lot on land, but never see from the water. The weather was just perfect. We also took them to the Iron Industry Museum in Negaunee and they liked that too.

*remember to click on the photos to enlarge them.


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