4th of July and turning 26

(My new apron that Megan got me for my birthday!)

Last week was a whirlwind of activity. I worked almost 70 hours and still managed to have a lot of fun outdoors. I had the day off on the 4th, so on the night before we had some late-night fun in town. We gathered a group of a dozen people and went to the lower harbor breakwall in Marquette to watch the sunset. After that, we made a trip to the beer store to get supplies. It was fun having such a large group of us, all on bikes, cruising through town in the dark. There were people everywhere shooting off fireworks and enjoying the summer heat. Around 11pm, we rode down to the beach in town to drink our beer. There was a full moon and Lake Superior was like glass.  A few of us went swimming in the cool water. There were 2 girls on the beach playing with flaming poi (balls of fire on a string that you swing around) and flaming batons. Between the moon and the fire show, it was pretty enchanting. We ended up staying on the beach until early in the morning.

On the 4th of July, Nic and I went canoeing/kayaking/tubing/paddleboarding down the AuTrain River near Munising with 12 friends. We borrowed the trailer from Downwind Sports and loaded up all of the boats. Somehow we managed to (uncomfortably) load 14 people in 2 cars! The water was sooooo warm on the river. I think we spent more time in the water than in the boats. A couple people even swam most of the way. It took us about 4 hours to get down the river and when we got back home, we were exhausted. I took a nap and didn’t even get up to see the fireworks in downtown Marquette. It was raining and stormy anyways.

On my 26th birthday (the 5th), I had to work… It wasn’t so bad actually because it was 95 degrees out and the air conditioning was a nice break from the heat! That night, I invited all of my friends over for a big BBQ at our house. We had over 35 people show up and it was awesome. Some friends brought kids, some brought dogs, and they all got along great. Nic got me the most romantic birthday present ever… a weedwacker! It is battery powered and I love it 🙂

Here is a picture of some garden progress. Tomatoes are starting to pop up!


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