3 Week Cleanse – Day 2

It is day two of our 3 week cleanse and I am starving. My energy level has significantly dropped. Yesterday (Day one), Nic and I woke up to a cherry, peach, banana and honey smoothie. It was really good. We snacked on sunflower seeds and apples with peanut butter. Our food co-op has a peanut and almond grinder in the store. We have completely weened ourselves off nasty corn syrup-peanut butter over the last couple years. I don’t think I could go back to Jif. For lunch, we ate salads. For dinner, I roasted zucchini and carrots. I tossed the carrots in balsamic vinegar and they were awesome. We also snacked on kale chips (straight from the garden) and more apples and peanut butter. We felt OK yesterday, besides a little headache. We were guessing that it was caffeine withdrawal…

Right now, I am sitting in my office at work and my stomach is just GROWLING. I had some applesauce and a peach for breakfast. I have been snacking on raw carrots, but I am very hungry. I need something of substance for dinner tonight. I am thinking sweet potatoes with corn, peppers, avocados, lime and homemade salsa. I really wanted to make polenta, thinking that it would count as a vegetable. It is just ground up corn, right? According to my research online, it is a grain once the corn is dried and ground. 😦 Some sites even said that corn isn’t a vegetable! I also want to try making sweet potato chips to dip in guacamole and salsa, since tortilla chips (cornmeal) isn’t allowed until week 3, with other grains.

Let’s hope tomorrow is easier!!!


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