3 Week Cleanse – Day 14

So…..we ended the cleanse at 2 weeks. Surprisingly, I don’t feel too defeated by that though.We discovered new recipes, learned how to eat without dips, lost the junk food cravings and conquered the caffeine addiction! I lost almost 10 pounds and my skin is all cleared up. The weight loss wasn’t a goal, but it sure was a plus. We didn’t change our exercise routines at all. I also feel like I have so much energy!

The reason why we ended the cleanse early (I refuse to use the word “quit”), is because we really just felt like we got all that we could out of it. Another reason is that we missed going out to eat and drink with friends! It was hard to turn them down all of the time. Also, 2 weeks is a very long time to live off fruits, veggies and beans!

What is quite interesting about not going the full 3 weeks, is that we skipped the week of adding gluten-free grains, eggs and potatoes. Our first meal consisted of vegetable pizza, bread sticks and one beer. My body did NOT like that too much. I cramped up and felt like I had a brick in my belly all day. At one point, I was curled up on the floor….And I only had one piece of pizza and 3 bread sticks! I usually eat much more that that. Another thing to note, was that we both decided that the first meal wasn’t as flavorful or amazing as we remembered pizza to be. I still had a craving to eat applesauce and carrots!

Maybe this was a wake-up call about how our bodies react to certain foods. I think we will stick with making smoothies for breakfast and continuing to base most of our diet on vegetables. Cheese and bread can be on the back burner for a while. I am very proud that we did this for 2 weeks and got a lot out of it!

Since we are talking about food. I canned a ton of stuff this past week including salsa, sweet and sour cabbage, pickles and dilly beans. I also froze some garlic scape pesto, and fridge-packed hot peppers, enchilada sauce, ketchup and french dressing. Nic was a very good prep cook 🙂 I will post recipes in the next blog post.

For now, here are some pictures from my 5k mud run and fishing!

Our team, Megan K., Jamie, Megan R. and I.


The Suicide Mud Run is a 5k run in Negaunee, MI. Complete with a dozen obstacles and mud holes, it was pretty hard!


Nic and I also went fishing last week and were unsuccessful 😦 It was a beautiful night though.


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