Post Cleanse

It has been almost 2 weeks since we ended our little body cleanse. I thought that I would tell you guys that I haven’t indulged in pop yet, which is a big feat for me. I am just not craving it like I used to before the cleanse. I have also noticed that certain foods make me feel awful. After I eat pizza or a big sandwich, I cramp up. My stomach feels like crap for a couple of hours afterwards. I think that cheese is something that my body rejects also. I feel very lazy and don’t want to move after I eat it. We haven’t bought milk since the cleanse ended either. Since we mainly use milk for only cooking, we have been keeping coconut and rice milk around. It is working great and I find that it doesn’t go bad as fast as normal milk. 

Summer is over and it is starting to feel like fall in the Upper Peninsula. Nic and I are off to Canada next weekend for a little get away. My parents are kindly watching the dogs. We plan on bringing the paddleboards and bikes. I think we will stay in a cabin for the first night, and camp on the second. It will be so nice to get out of town.

I have been trying to keep up with my garden. It is overflowing with produce. I have been picking tomatoes and peppers everyday. I think I make salsa once a week. I dug up all of the potatoes yesterday and planted garlic in their place. We should have a good garlic crop next year. Carrots and beets have been picked. Root vegetables are always fun to pick because you can see the greens grow all year round. But when you finally decide to pull one up and see how big it is, you feel so excited!

The animals are so happy that the heat wave has passed! Bring on autumn!


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