Autumn Updates

Well, we have snow! A little… I actually had to use my scraper this morning on my windshield and I am not happy about it. The house is all decorated for Halloween but we will wait a week or so to carve pumpkins. My freezer is packed full of soups, blanched veggies and fruit. The house smells like pumpkin pie and apples. Hooray for Fall!

I went to my parent’s house in Boyne City last weekend. A friend and I stopped in Wolverine along the way to do the Scream in Wolverine. I have done it a few times but this year it was the best and we also did the haunted swamp walk. Good haunted houses are hard to come by, so make sure you go to this if you are in Northern Michigan this month. It was also Skitoberfest at Boyne Mountain last weekend. A group of girl friends from high school all got together and went and it was a blast. They had free rides up the mountain on the chairlift and a beer tasting tent. Oliver and Alex were up visiting from Cleveland and Oliver did the “rail jam”. They made snow and put a few rails on the ski hill for people to mess around on. It was fun to watch. Mom, Dad, Oliver and I hiked up Barn Mountain (a local nature preserve in Boyne City) for some family pictures. We had all 5 dogs with us.





I still haven’t gotten a Halloween Costume together but I have a little idea of what I might be. Any suggestions?


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