Happy Halloween!

My pumpkin (left), Nic’s (right) and the “pimpkin” in the middle!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween! The City of Marquette did their business trick-or-treating last weekend, so it seems like most events are during that time. They also do residential trick-or-treating today, but it is only from 4-7 and not many kids go out. I think it is because most of the town is all college kids and they never hand out candy. I remember trick-or-treating in the DARK. What ever happened to that? Safety concerns? It’s not as fun anymore šŸ˜¦ I opted to hand out play dough tonight instead of candy this year. I think sugar is the last thing most kids need.

Me as Bride of Frankenstein and Nic as Joe Dirt

We celebrated Halloween early this year and went to a party on Saturday night. It was a benefit party for a local man in Marquette that was tragically found dead this summer. All of the proceeds went to the charities that his family set up for him. Ā I went as the Bride of Frankenstein and Nic went as Joe Dirt. After the party, we went out to the bars in Marquette. The night ended badly, with our jackets being stolen from the bench we were sitting on. My jacket was found on the street, but my phone and driver’s license were taken. My other friends never found their jackets. I guess we learned a lesson not to leave personal items unattended!

On Sunday, my friend Robyn who was visiting from downstate, joined me on a trip up to Big Bay. We hiked in to the Ā beautiful Alder Falls with the dogs and then had lunch at the Thunder Bay Inn. It was my first time inside the inn. It was built by Henry Ford, who frequented Big Bay because of the wood paneling plant that was owned by Ford in town. It is a famous landmark because of the filming of ‘Anatomy of a Murder’ in Big Bay. The Thunder Bay Inn has cool pictures and things from the movie set and actors. I chatted with the owner of the inn and we talked about how it was just restored a year ago. I would like to stay here someday. The rooms have great views of Lake Independence.


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