Ho Ho Ho


I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, and my mother has been bugging me to post more pictures and updates. I blame Facebook, because I have been just putting all of my pictures on there. Also, the last month has been crazy! Nic and I have been travelling all over the place and trying to keep up with the holidays. Enough excuses…here are some updates.

206061_10100231222440577_851517371_nWe finally have some snow in Marquette. Surprisingly, we haven’t had a great winter yet. We got a big storm the weekend before Christmas, but before that, the grass was still showing. I want to say that this late snow is unusual, but for the last 3 years, this has been the case. When we got this big snowstorm, all of the schools in the Upper Peninsula were closed. I still unfortunately had to work, but I used a half vacation day to go play in the snow. Megan and I took my new car up County Road 510, which is just West of town. This area always has more snow than us because it is farther from the lake and has a higher elevation. We were the 3rd car tracks of the day and the roads were not plowed. I am not exaggerating when I say there was over 18″ on the road. The four wheel drive worked well! We were a little worried that we might have to drive the whole length of the road up to Big Bay, because there was no where to turn around. Luckily the parking lot to the ski trails was plowed, so we were able to park somewhere. We borrowed some Marquette Backcountry Skis (a ski and snowshoe hybrid) from Downwind Sports and ventured out into the fresh powder with the dogs! It was a lot of fun.

224975_10100231222181097_1579307461_n 304677_10100231222390677_1220630853_n 389736_10100231222315827_372743679_n

400062_10100231222420617_1414922219_n 185813_10100231222191077_693235286_n 185713_10100231222265927_2004204956_n

545028_10100231222350757_1795053392_n 27267_10100231222305847_569208981_n 163382_10100231222240977_131047603_n

For Christmas this year, we decided to rent a little cabin with my family in the UP. We stayed near Milakokia Lake in the South Central part of the peninsula. The cabin was very cute and allowed dogs. We played Euchre, ate mom’s lasagna and watched It’s a Wonderful Life. We also took a little hike in the moonlight behind the cabin with all of the dogs. It was so beautiful. I wish I had gotten some pictures of the snow covered pine trees in the moonlight.


16819_10100231222530397_118429376_n 148946_10100231222475507_1302517959_n

On Christmas Day, we went to Kitchitikipi at Palms Book State Park. Nic and I went here this summer, but I think it was much more beautiful in the winter. Kitchitikipi is a natural bubbling spring that is 40 feet deep and is full of huge trout. The water is crystal clear and there is a man-powered boat that you can take to the middle of the pond to look down into the spring. We were the only people there this time.


602920_10100231222655147_202245404_n 538414_10100231222784887_1323482067_n 537248_10100231222779897_482858239_n

530491_10100231222610237_1745427185_n 397736_10100231222630197_1972831499_n 165084_10100231222565327_2110324824_n

We did a late Christmas celebration with Nic’s family near Kalamazoo. It was fun seeing Nic’s neice, Channing, because she is almost 3 and really enjoys presents now.  Nic’s mom made me an awesome herb wreath and it looks so cool in my kitchen. I got some great gifts for Christmas this year. My friends and family know me so well. I got some cross country skis, a hand blender, garlic press, snowpants, and some other sweet stuff.

550790_10100231222929597_504466004_n 393020_10100231223568317_951293910_n

383809_10100230151706337_1855084402_nWhile in Kalamazoo, Nic and I went to a Middle Eastern restaurant called Zooroona. If you are ever in the area, stop there! It was excellent.



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