NYE in Chicago

It seems that the only things keeping me motivated lately are my little mini-vacations. It is nice having something to look forward to. Although I love where I live, and can be happy just hanging out at my house, it is nice to get out of town and experience something new every once in a while.


Nic and I have been planning our New Year’s Eve trip since last July. We first started looking at New York City, but then realized that it is really expensive to stay there. Then we looked into New Orleans, which was also expensive and was hard to get around without a car (since the cheaper hotels were outside of town). We finally settled on Chicago. It was in our price range and we have never been there together.

538598_10100230161476757_685288703_nWe took the Amtrak train from Kalamazoo, which was under $50 round trip and was only 2 hours each way. It was nice that we took the train. Parking in Chicago is outrageous and traffic is terrible. Plus, public transportation is pretty amazing in that town.

I reserved a room at the Hampton Inn & Suites, right downtown Chicago, for 2 nights. It was a very nice hotel with great staff, clean rooms, and a kick ass pool and hot tub. The continental breakfast wasn’t so bad either. We were in walking distance to everything that we needed. The hotel was right in the middle of shopping & restaurants and only 4 blocks away from the trains. Nic and I walked everywhere and we were so impressed by how close it all was.

When we first got into town, we took a taxi from the Amtrak station to the hotel. We were early, so we left our bags at the front desk and went out to get some lunch. Nic’s aunt recommended a diner for us to eat at. Ed Debevic’s was a blast! It was a 50’s style diner where the waitstaff is entertaining and very RUDE (in a good way?).  Our waiter was making fun of me for ordering the vegetarian chili (which was amazing). Apparently I looked like the typical vegetarian hippy… He was hassling everyone and it was fun to watch. At one point during our meal, all of the servers got up on the tables and started singing and dancing to “YMCA”.

384287_10100230161491727_743282213_n 427623_10100230151866017_2136849229_n 299070_10100230151880987_252672939_n 538480_10100230151871007_1036584926_n

After lunch, Nic and I headed to Michigan Ave for some retail therapy. Living in the Upper Peninsula, we do not have great shopping options. We have a mall that has about 8 stores in it and besides outdoor gear, I have to travel somewhere to get good shopping. Nic wasn’t so fond of holding my purse and coat while I rummaged through the sales at Forever 21, so he was excited when we went into the Eddie Bauer store. I have never even heard of Eddie Bauer before, but I was in love! I got myself a great softshell jacket (the red one that you will see in pictures) for 50% off.

734212_10100230151781187_879447981_nWe walked down to Navy Pier after shopping and went on the ferris wheel. I feel like this is something that every tourist has to do. The weather was very cold, but no snow. It didn’t get above 30 degrees while we were there but we were bundled up and didn’t mind walking around the city.




550881_10100231223024407_92714697_n 530448_10100230151751247_1004052666_n 524648_10100231222979497_939600020_n

248725_10100231222934587_1237781003_n 2030_10100230151721307_873637117_n 47643_10100230151686377_240567488_n

480783_10100230151930887_262867499_nWe warmed our bones in the hot tub at the hotel after our walk around town. Then we headed out to a comedy show at Second City’s UP Comedy Club. It was a Christmas themed show with a lot of improvisation. The show was great but we were less than impressed by the food and also by the drink prices! Holy crap, $6 for a light beer! I guess we are spoiled by our cheap drinks in Michigan because everywhere we went to get drinks during this trip was expensive.

The next day was New Year’s Eve and we had no plans until 10 pm for dinner, so Nic and I slept in and enjoyed our day. We took the train to Wicker Park and Bucktown and went resale shopping. I got some great deals and Nic moped around while he held my purse and coat again 🙂 We also stopped and had sushi before going back to downtown Chicago. Our plan was to go to Millennium Park and go ice skating, but it was so cold and our feet hurt from walking, that we ducked into a building to warm up. We stumbled upon the Chicago Cultural Center. It ended up being a neat place (free!) with some art galleries and amazing architecture.  We even sat in on a piano concert.


1765_10100231223233987_1776335374_n 64562_10100231223039377_900624421_n 197010_10100231223323807_37821812_n 249818_10100231223303847_322753697_n

307287_10100231223358737_1990419230_n 392972_10100231223114227_1392884970_n 397674_10100231223179097_1771104634_n 400123_10100231223049357_266546803_n


734651_10100231223124207_667839464_n 527399_10100231223174107_1517779625_n 423350_10100231223079297_1346794077_n


After lounging in the pool and going into a food coma following Chipotle burritos, we got ready for dinner. We made reservations at Quartino Ristorante. The place was packed on NYE but the overall experience was excellent. The food was in smaller portions and priced accordingly. Which meant that we got to try multiple dishes. Our waiter was great and bought Nic a shot of house-made Limoncello because he had never had it before.  We will be back at this restaurant when we come to Chicago again.

530431_10100231223378697_1445504620_n 252067_10100231223373707_1186552870_n

We bundled up our coats after dinner and stopped by the liquor store to get some drinks. Then we headed down to Navy Pier with about 2 thousand other people with the same idea on New Year’s Eve. The roads were jam packed and the sidewalks were all moving in one direction; to the lake. We tried jumping on the free Navy Pier trolley, but once the traffic came to a halt, everyone got off and walked the rest of the way. It was a balmy 11 degrees and windy! I was contemplating just going back to the hotel but Nic wouldn’t let us have a boring NYE inside a hotel room. I’m glad we didn’t go back because the fireworks at Navy Pier were beautiful. The speakers blared Frank Sinatra and we had a front row seat. It was a memorable New Year’s 🙂


527405_10100231223408637_1532609832_n 541908_10100231223448557_1404200931_n


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