Winter is Here!

I think all of that complaining that I did about the lack of snow we have, has caught up to me! We sure do have it now in the UP! I keep shoveling off the back porch, but the dogs refuse to go off it into the deep snow in the backyard. They have now taken to peeing off/on the porch :/ Not too happy about that! Nic and I went back country skiing last night with the dogs and they could barely walk through the snow. I’m so sore from shoveling!

The view from a coworker's window.

The view from a coworker’s window.


More Travels and Adventures


I traveled to Colorado to visit a friend at the end of last month (January). It was a great time but I wish I had more time to stay out there!


The trip started out with a few bumps… As we were leaving Marquette to drive to Milwaukee to catch our flight, I noticed a banging noise coming from underneath my car. My entire exhaust pipe fell off and was banging on my axle. Luckily Midas in Marquette was very nice and fixed it for $25. I was pretty stressed out and it happened at 5pm, so we were very lucky to get it fixed, and for so cheap!

We stayed with one of my friends in Milwaukee and left very early in the morning to catch our flight. Nic and I were on the same flight to Denver, but then he continued on to Salt Lake City to stay with his friends out there.

I have known my friend Amanda since my Junior year of college and we have been great friends since. She was actually one of the people that helped Nic and I start dating. She moved to Colorado a couple of years ago and we stayed in contact. I was so lucky to have someone out there to visit. Continue reading