The Start of Summer

Happy 6th birthday to Mr. Stickman! What a good dog he has become. So glad that we found each other 5 years ago. Stick is getting gray and a little slower, but still an active boy (the one in the back in the picture).


Agawa, Angus, Stick & Fish

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Road Trip – Quebec City

Well, we went from Michigan to New Jersey, and then made our way up to Maine. Now we had to start heading back to Michigan and we opted to take the Northern route and go through Canada. I had always wanted to go to Quebec City. Nic had been there before when he was a tour guide, and he said it was really cool.

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Road Trip – Acadia National Park & Baxter State Park


On to the next leg of the road trip! We spent the last few days in Camden, Maine, where I gained a very handsome fiance. 🙂 Next, we headed North in the cold rain to Acadia National Park. Continue reading

Road Trip – Camden, Maine

We made it to Maine! The main destination of our road trip was Maine. We kept hearing about how amazing it was from friends and Nic really wanted a fresh lobster. 😉 It was a beautiful state; reminded us a lot of the Upper Peninsula.



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Road Trip – New Hampshire


If you have never been to the White Mountains in New Hampshire, make sure you go there. We had no idea what to expect when we drove up to it on the highway from Northeastern Vermont. It was the end of May and the first thing we saw when entering the highway, was a “Winter Storm Warning”. And they weren’t kidding. There was over 4 inches of fresh snow and it was barely above freezing temps. The second thing that we noticed, was that the mountains were actually quite HUGE. Much more that what I would expect for any mountain in the East.  Continue reading

Road Trip – NJ to Vermont


It was a long and rainy drive from New Jersey to Northern Vermont. We didn’t take into account that we left on Friday afternoon on Memorial Day weekend, and the traffic in the East is horrible! What was expected to be a 6 hour drive, became almost 11. First, we had a hard time adjusting to the toll booths on the turnpikes. There are express card lanes and there are cash-only lanes. Of course we were on the far left lane, when the cash lane was on the far right. Just try merging through 8 lanes of heavy traffic to get far right! People were hitting our cars with their mirrors, our bikes were getting bumped on the back of the car, and we had a few panic attacks. Luckily Nic was driving through all of this while I navigated. Once we got into Connecticut, traffic came to a halt. It was bumper to bumper as far as the eye could see….for over 2 hours. I literally could have walked faster than the rate we were moving on the highway. I promise that I will never complain about lunch hour traffic in Marquette again!  Continue reading

Road Trip – MI, OH, PA, NJ & NY

1st leg of trip

421288_10100351052540097_32294051_nThis was the longest road trip that I have ever been on. We put nearly 4,000 miles on the car in 13 days! We both worked doubles on the day that we left Marquette, so driving that first leg was rough. The car was packed with camping gear, climbing stuff, bikes, paddleboards (which we didn’t use because the weather was awful the whole time), a cooler and 2 great danes. Luckily we dropped the dogs off in the Lower Peninsula at my parents house. My parents have always been great at watching over the boys while we vacation. The dogs love it there. The cat was safe at home with a house sitter in Marquette. Continue reading