Road Trip – MI, OH, PA, NJ & NY

1st leg of trip

421288_10100351052540097_32294051_nThis was the longest road trip that I have ever been on. We put nearly 4,000 miles on the car in 13 days! We both worked doubles on the day that we left Marquette, so driving that first leg was rough. The car was packed with camping gear, climbing stuff, bikes, paddleboards (which we didn’t use because the weather was awful the whole time), a cooler and 2 great danes. Luckily we dropped the dogs off in the Lower Peninsula at my parents house. My parents have always been great at watching over the boys while we vacation. The dogs love it there. The cat was safe at home with a house sitter in Marquette.


After dropping off the dogs, we made the late night drive to Cleveland. The plan was to sleep there for a couple hours at my brother’s apartment, and then get back on the road towards the East coast. That plan didn’t end up too well…. The car was vibrating the whole way to Ohio. We were dragging a brake and when we got to Cleveland at 6am, I was frantically calling car repair shops. We sat around the apartment for 6 hours while the car got fixed…$500 later! New brake calipers and pads. They wanted to do new brake fluid and grind down my rotors too, but I made it clear that we just wanted to make it on the road trip with as minimal work and money as possible. You can’t have a road trip without car troubles, right!? What was most irritating, was that I had the car fully checked out before we left the UP. I won’t get into that though……

The delay in travel sadly made us miss our stop in Philadelphia. We were supposed to meet a friend for dinner and check out the town. Unfortunately, we had to continue on to New Jersey. The drive through Pennsylvania on 76 was pretty. It rained the whole way but we loved the views of the hills and countryside. We arrived at my Aunt’s house in New Jersey around 11pm and it felt to good to get out of the car and relax.

My Aunt Kathy lives in a cute little town an hour South of NYC. We ended up taking the train from her house to New York City the next day. My Aunt and Cousin, Sarah, joined us. The train ride was nice and it saved us from driving/parking in the city. We got to view a lot of the damage from hurricane Sandy on the ride.


Times Square

Nic and I loved New York City. We went to St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Museum of Modern Art with my Aunt and Sarah. After that, they went back home and Nic and I were left to roam the city by ourselves. We had a good lunch at The Great American Health Bar. Then we started walking to Central Park. By the time we got there, it was down pouring. I brought an umbrella, but the wind and rain was so intense, that it didn’t keep us dry at all. We did have our rain jackets too. The park completely cleared out once the rain started. Everyone was huddling under the overpasses. We ran under one and watched a violin play for a little bit and then decided that we would brave the now-thunderstorm and go out into the park. It was fun having the park to ourselves but we were drenched! The lightning was kind of scary and the sidewalks were like rivers, with 4+ inches of water running down them. 431840_10100351046916367_267759091_n (1)

We finally ended up at the American Museum of Natural History, just to get out of the rain. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the last hour of the day was free entry to the museum. We wandered around in our wet clothes for an hour and then headed back on the subway. It was my first time taking a subway in NYC. We were so glad to get back to my Aunt’s house and get into dry clothes!

270125_10100351046287627_1691759446_n 181284_10100351046222757_1561002442_n 600450_10100351052829517_1122557114_n

960034_10100351046452297_531225812_n 946846_10100351046906387_297550230_n 972176_10100351046981237_836328366_n


969951_10100351046736727_1154228227_n 969251_10100351046562077_92679904_n 945790_10100351046731737_1731810039_n

943728_10100351046522157_1701638183_n 936189_10100351046477247_1227724350_n 600483_10100351046626947_213855203_n

426670_10100351047295607_423677759_n 389332_10100351047260677_1126147235_n

The following day, we explored the area around my Aunt’s house. She lives about 4 blocks from the ocean. We rode out bikes down to the boardwalk and watched surfers in the storm. It was a very nice area.

970366_10100351052939297_543637536_n 270141_10100351052879417_1534356447_n


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