Road Trip – Quebec City

Well, we went from Michigan to New Jersey, and then made our way up to Maine. Now we had to start heading back to Michigan and we opted to take the Northern route and go through Canada. I had always wanted to go to Quebec City. Nic had been there before when he was a tour guide, and he said it was really cool.

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We stayed in Old Town Quebec, inside the fort walls at a little boutique hotel called Hotel Louisbourg. It was kind of expensive ($160 a night after parking and taxes). But staying that close to everything was well worth it. We didn’t use our car at all while staying in Quebec City.




The night we arrived, it was hot and humid. We walked around town with no general direction or destination. The cobblestone streets were full of pedestrians and carriages. The buildings were narrow, tall and old. I felt like I was in Europe. That also might have been because we couldn’t read a damn thing. Everything was in French!

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485543_10100351054146877_1351065131_nThere were a lot of options of places to eat in Quebec City. All were in walking distance of the hotel, but were very expensive. We walked into an alley and found a place called Chez Temporel. It was decently priced and we had some pizza and drinks. We topped the meal off with pecan pie and creme brulee. It was very good.

As soon as we finished dinner, it started POURING. That was the theme of this entire vacation – Rain. The streets cleared of people immediately but we needed to make it back to the hotel. We blindly ran through the flooded streets, trying to find our hotel. It was very hard to see because it was raining so hard. Then came the lightning and thunder. We finally made it back; soaked.

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It stormed all night long, so Nic and I snuggled up in the warm bed and watched some French TV and drank a bottle of wine. Check out the video below of the rain storm!

943764_10100351054321527_653497301_n 922959_10100351054246677_554519345_n


7460_10100351054436297_810674107_nThe next morning, the rain had cleared up and it was looking to be a beautiful day. We walked around the fort and then came back to the hotel to grab our bikes. We biked all over town and it was awesome. The whole city was bike friendly and the bike path was convenient. We stopped at a little bakery in the lower part of Old Town and had breakfast at Le Petit Conchon Dingue. It was authentic French cuisine and when nothing is in English, it can make ordering quite interesting :). It was good food though and we sat out on the patio and people watched.

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I wish that we had more time (and money) to spend in Quebec City. It was probably one of the most unique cities that I have ever been to. We drove 16 hours back to Marquette, MI that day. We did stop once to sleep in Canada at a gravel pit. Sleeping in the back of a packed car is not very nice…

Our dogs and cat were so happy to see us. I have never left them for that long (13 days). It does feel good to be home.

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