The Start of Summer

Happy 6th birthday to Mr. Stickman! What a good dog he has become. So glad that we found each other 5 years ago. Stick is getting gray and a little slower, but still an active boy (the one in the back in the picture).


Agawa, Angus, Stick & Fish

IMG_20130625_064415_978My parents came up to Marquette last weekend to help me with some house projects. The bathroom floor is tiled and the room in the basement is close to becoming a bedroom. All we need to do now is put up drywall, trim, paint and carpet. Feels so good to get those things out of the way. My mom also took me to Kohl’s for my upcoming birthday and we got some new rugs and a shower curtain.

We took all of the dogs to the beach for Stick’s birthday. The black flies were terrible! They were just swarming the dogs. My parents’ dog, Angus was off-leash for his 3rd time ever, and he behaved very well. It was fun to see all of the dogs run around freely.

Nic & I went to Minneapolis/St. Paul two weekends ago for a wedding reception. It was my first time in the cities and we had a blast. We rode bikes around town with friends, had some great Ecuadorian food, went to a crayfish boil, danced at the reception and relaxed around a bonfire until 5 am. I can’t wait to go back!

1025626_10100363138424887_1860479736_o 1025870_10100363138948837_558642251_o


Crayfish boil with Nate & Mary

Crayfish boil with Nate & Mary

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We are also enjoying being home in Marquette and soaking up summer. Paddle boards, bikes, climbing, beach….all that good stuff!

Foggy view over Marquette from Sugarloaf

Foggy view over Marquette from Sugarloaf

1025746_10100364341294327_131495718_o 1025608_10100364230576207_1326793512_o


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