Biking Grand Island


I swear I will never complain about the cold again! It has been in the 90’s up here in Marquette for the past few days and it is unbearable… We have been keeping cool by jumping in Lake Superior everyday and doing other fun water sports. We went kayaking down the AuTrain River with about 150 people on the 4th of July. It was fun but crowded. We also went sailing and paddle boarding last week.

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Biking around Grand Island in Munising has been on my bucket list for a long time. I have been to the island a few times but never all the way around. 5 of us loaded our mountain bikes up and did the 24 mile ride all the way around the island. It was a blast! The bugs were fierce and the cold, clear waters of Gitche Gumee were refreshing to swim in. The bike trail is basically an overgrown two-track but it wasn’t that difficult. There are a lot of big hills though. You can rent bikes right on the island if you want to give it a try. We took our sweet time, swimming and eating lunch, and made it all the way around in 7 hours.

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We only saw a few other bikers and hikers on the island, but there were a lot of boats out. The powerboat tour from Munising disappointingly ruined the quietness of the island with it’s loud speakers and motor.

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