New Hobby



I definitely do not NEED another hobby, because I do not have time for anything now-a-days. But my usual winter crocheting has been brushed aside for the amazing new craft of basket weaving.



I honestly never even considered basket weaving to be something that I would be interested in.  But Nic and I help a local woman with gardening chores, and not only does she grow her own willow, but she weaves beautiful baskets. Paula has been offering to teach me for years, so I finally decided to learn! I woke up early on a freezing, snowy Saturday and helped her and some other ladies harvest the willow. You can find wild willow growing in any swampy area, or you can grow your own. You just take a clipping from the willow and stick it in the ground. After 3 years, you will have a willow plant that is taller than you.

1375709_10100486364294257_370739876_nThe next weekend, I went to Paula’s craft cabin (Yes. She built a cabin on her property just for crafting.) and learned to weave with her friend Poppy. I caught on pretty fast and started making a “butt” basket (left). I had it finished in a week and learned how to do a different style of basket a few weeks later. Now I am addicted! My house is covered in willow leaves and trimmings. And I am carrying clippers with me every time I walk the dogs, just in case I see some wild willow.

Besides weaving every night when it gets dark at 5 o’clock in the f^%*ing afternoon, I have already been out skiing once and even mountain biking still. It has been snowing every other day, but none is sticking yet. It will stick around soon enough.

1472859_10100509953920457_1694634604_n 1460281_10100509953825647_2097090639_n





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