’13-’14 Winter Catch Up

Get ready from an explosion of pictures, because I haven’t been keeping up with my blog.

Let’s start with November and December:

Thanksgiving Day hike

Thanksgiving Day hike

We finished up the end of November with a ton of snow. And it actually stuck this time, unlike other years. Nic turned 30 this December. I got together with his siblings and had a huge surprise birthday party for him in the woods. We rented a cabin at Harlow Lake and brought a bunch of food and a keg. We had about 30 people there. It was a blast.

988856_10100536838538467_684226975_n 1506404_10100537660685877_1074795570_n 1486712_10100537660556137_1323363215_n

1483287_10100519884474547_1123547293_n 1479513_10100516606972687_445308145_n 1475900_10100526610335867_859757566_n

Other events in December includes me selling my money-pit 4Runner and buying a truck. I like the truck a lot more. And it is half the price… so that is a plus. We also finished off the bedroom¬†climbing room in the basement. Complete with sample carpet squares and drywall.

1521733_10100537660581087_152295945_n 1525147_10100537660616017_859130412_n 1526770_10100545423194747_284426600_n



The end of December was snow and more snow. We travelled down to the Lower Peninsula for Christmas at my family’s and Nic’s. We took his 3 year old niece skiing and I went snowshoeing with my parents on Xmas day. I also got to do some snowboarding.


1520758_10100556725849137_88200096_n 1544541_10100556725330177_1330193992_n

January was another snow filled month, but it was bitterly cold. Cold enough to not be able to go outside. Which made the dogs and myself sick of staying in. I did get to venture out and do some backcountry skiing and ice climbing on the warmer days. Nic won a trip to Colorado via a Facebook ice climbing photo competition. He drove out there for 4 days with a few friends. He was pretty excited about that.

1005794_10100574383298467_1288147480_n (1) 1014636_10100568704099627_1096511497_o 995612_10100569171682587_494634896_n 1609870_10100562124230737_1268562687_n

February is turning out to be an eventful month. I have been doing a lot of snowshoeing and backcountry skiing with the dogs. We have had some beautiful days. Lake Superior is 95% frozen over, which makes island and ice cave adventuring possible. You can see in the photos that the beach is pure ice, as far as you can see.


14814_10100588754987487_948718646_n 487608_10100588754957547_446803565_n 995798_10100568703411007_1005743886_n

1557434_10100598632747377_1361411824_n (1)

Our beloved Ford Explorer had the transmission blow out on a -25 degree morning. It was my hand-me-down car to Nic and his only mode of transportation. So we ended up selling it and looking for a new car. We drove down to Wisconsin and bought a Subaru Outback. 2 new cars in 2 months!!! Let’s hope these ones last.

1560737_10100568702013807_2064614644_n 1604495_10100568703351127_658393360_n

1614295_10100580674406037_2136518787_o (1)

1619192_10100588754817827_1728842895_n 1620463_10100576840194827_704473193_n 1779182_10100588754902657_388430251_n

IMG_20140209_193527_909 IMG_20140217_135322_451 IMG_20140217_144008_138

Other February activities include: volunteering at the UP 200 Sled Dog Race, my parents coming up to visit, making wine, roller skating at the new roller rink, lots of saunaing with friends, rail jams, pickled eggs contests at work, wedding ring shopping and much more!!!

IMG_20140212_210017_887 IMG_20140207_203943_214 IMG_20140119_200706_371

IMG_20140216_182322_381 IMG_20140215_201629_156

IMG_20140215_154551_062 IMG_20140219_180430_654 IMG_20140218_163054_089IMG_20140214_124531_316



Sorry for the photo overload. I just had wayyyyy to much to share. Remember to click on the smaller pictures to enlarge them.

We are going to the Apostle Islands this weekend to see the ice caves on Lake Superior, as well as backcountry skiing into the historic town of Fayette, so expect more photos soon!


One thought on “’13-’14 Winter Catch Up

  1. Very nice update, Aurora! As usual, trying to get pictures of your Mom, Dad, Megan (copy/paste) to my own timeline is not working. I’m not very good at this stuff! Needless to say, enjoyed the synopsis and best of adventures this weekend. Be very careful…..PLEASE!

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