Mt. Bohemia Mardi Gras

Last weekend was Mardi Gras at Mt. Bohemia in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Want to know why that is awesome? Girls ski/ride for free that day!


It was a beautiful bluebird day. The wind was low and the temps were finally above zero! We drove up from Marquette for the day and met a bunch of friends. The Keweenaw is definitely not lacking snow this winter. They were already up to a total of 275″!!!!

1959451_10100613535212717_1736663552_n 1782036_10100613535242657_1159011445_n


Since it was Mardi Gras, everyone was in full party mode. There was a bead contest and the girl with the most beads won $1000. There were also a lot of people dressed up in costume.

10011511_10100613535262617_1557732220_n 1012273_10100613536180777_514893420_n

We had a tailgate party in the parking lot and cooked brats and made drinks while we soaked up the sun.

1186987_10100613535527087_321421434_n 1782036_10100613535392357_133134852_n

1544972_10100613535437267_713917511_n 1911796_10100613535552037_1566949990_n

Everyone was in great spirits!


Mount Bohemia is an ungroomed, backcountry, lift access hill. It is best when there is fresh snow. We didn’t have any new snow that day, so it was very tracked out. But it was still lots of fun. My legs are still sore from riding moguls all day. On a snowboard, that is hard!

1925315_10100613536080977_980830408_n 1897821_10100613535906327_1687329361_n

1795538_10100613535851437_732504149_n 1796495_10100613536021097_1687414064_n


1780749_10100613620616567_860311346_n 1780864_10100613535312517_1710462045_n

The “resort” of Bohemia consists of a series of yurts (canvas circular tents). They have yurts that you can stay in, a yurt lodge, store and bar with a restaurant. It is very unique.



After a long day of snowboarding (and awful helmet hair!), we met up with some friends in Hancock for dinner and drinks.


When we got home, our dogs and cat were very happy to see us. They had a long day of relaxing….So I took the dogs for a snow bike ride on Sunday and then spent the rest of the day lounging around the house and crocheting.

1977045_10100613620671457_1476775741_n 1959789_10100613620551697_1920622570_n



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