Searchmont and Copper Harbor


The snow just won’t let up!

We went to Searchmont Resort in Canada 2 weekends ago. It was their winter carnival weekend and lift tickets were $20. I have been to Searchmont several times in Middle School and High School, but this was my first time since then. Not a lot has changed!



I do love that resort. Small lift lines, rustic resort atmosphere, cheaper foods and tickets, and ungroomed tree runs. They didn’t have a lot of fresh snow that day, but we made some good turns on the corduroy. Nic and our friends Megan and Jeremiah joined us. It is only a 4 hour drive from Marquette, so a nice short getaway.

1978654_10100621683678127_908811115_n 1926796_10100621683747987_2085055525_n

1925029_10100621684246987_1553486616_n 1900143_10100621684172137_508965790_n

We brought our Coleman grill to cook out at the resort. We had a feast and everyone was jealous, even the stray dogs.

1743631_10100621684202077_585184443_n 1531759_10100621685594287_281329944_n 1391844_10100621684102277_537278938_n10006991_10100621683812857_1934368061_n

1383740_10100621684222037_1075411967_n 579203_10100621683947587_1223737202_n

They had a lot of events at Searchmont that weekend, including a cardboard sled race and a caricature artist. We had a great time in the sun, even though it was -10 degrees.



I swear this winter will never end. We keep getting dumped on. Nic and I went for a night hike last week. It was 32 degrees, no wind, and snowing 2 inches an hour. Big, fat, fluffy flakes. The trees were covered with white. It was gorgeous.


1477643_10100630229327577_1208005237_n 10155883_10100630229132967_189407975_n


To continue on our winter adventures, we went up to Copper Harbor last weekend with friends and stayed at a cabin right in town (population 30 town….). Man, do they have snow!

10155802_10100632442961437_952193611_n 10012987_10100632443560237_1656821011_n

We did a lot of relaxing, reading, cooking. But we also went out and enjoyed the sunshine and warmer temps. I don’t remember the last time I skied with a t-shirt on, but it was glorious. We skied across the bay in Copper Harbor, to the little island and explored the ice formations. The dogs were running around on Lake Superior like mad men.


10153091_10100632443156047_1339484477_n 10007537_10100632443126107_840688710_n

1970582_10100632444009337_58059273_n 10004065_10100632443440477_1112196244_n 1966679_10100632443600157_1564108523_n 1538765_10100632442976407_1695807749_n


1979744_10100632444183987_646129883_n 1962667_10100632443984387_766139779_n

I also took the dogs out skiing at Mt. Bohemia on their ungroomed xc-trails, while Nic and Jeremiah went and did some downhill runs.


1978801_10100632444119117_2073746063_n 1381430_10100632443660037_1329716611_n


I swear, by the time the weekend is over, I need another weekend to recoup and relax!!!



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