Backyard Chickens

As if Michigan does not have enough B.S. going on in Lansing, the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development just took away our Right to Farm. What does this mean? If you have an urban OR rural farm and your local zoning laws prohibit it, you are now unprotected by the Right to Farm Act. Say goodbye to chickens, goats, and bees. This is big.

Read more about it here:

The Detroit News


MDARD Generally Accepted Agricultural and Management Practices for Site Selection and Odor Control for New and Expanding Livestock Facilities 

What can you do about it? Spread the word. Sign petitions. Write letters. Let the commissioners know that this was a very bad decision!

Here is the petition.

More info and addresses to write letters, here.


Also….. 3 weeks ago we got chickens! They were a day old when I brought them home. They are growing quickly and currently living in our guest bedroom. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can get them outside in the coop. We have two Rhode Island Reds, Betty and Juniper, and a Black Sex Link, Lily.

IMG_20140418_163147_639Day 1: They were cute and fluffy and terrified of me. The brooder is a big plastic bin lined with pine shavings. I hung a heat lamp over them to keep them warm. They start out at 95 degrees and you decrease it 5 degrees each week.






Week 1: They started getting feathers on their wings and butt. Still afraid of me. They are very vocal and love to eat and poop. The dogs want to eat them. Surprisingly, the cat doesn’t have any interest in them.

IMG_20140427_171747_994 IMG_20140417_205456_111


Week 2: They are getting sassy and growing a lot of feathers. They like to peck at my rings and they are starting to flap their wings. Nic made a cover for their cage so they don’t fly out. They are also making a huge mess and pooping in their water. Which is gross.

IMG_20140427_171733_685 IMG_20140502_170621_478

Week 3: They are really trying to fly. They like to be petted on the back of the head and fed mealworms. They don’t freak out when I stick my hand in the brooder anymore. They spilled their food everywhere and learned how to do a “dust bath” (roll and flap around in the dust/dirt).  Look at the feather growth!!!

I can’t wait for eggs this fall. Hopefully my neighbors are understanding of my new babies and don’t get the law involved. Egg bribes?



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