Floor Remodel


10299585_10100670584270947_3839407701436392410_nNic and I have been talking about redoing the floors in our living and dining room for a couple years now. The cat has peed everywhere and even steam cleaning it monthly doesn’t help. Plus the dirty dog feet and dust was making the carpet really gross. I think it used to be white at some point?! We pulled up the carpet in one corner and just saw grey – thinking it was particleboard.

So we did some researching online on budget friendly wood floors and ended up buying some “floating” snap-together stuff with an oak top layer and HDF core. The night before we were going to install it, Nic started reading terrible reviews about it online and I was all freaked out. But we didn’t really have the money to do anything else, so I proceeded on moving all of the furniture and started ripping up carpet by myself after work.

10312604_10100670584824837_315761850060607339_n 10308330_10100670584505477_3870975699445454018_n 10268657_10100670584450587_8589151905159307638_n

Well it turns out that the grey spot in the corner, was just a patch of old carpet glue, over BEAUTIFUL hardwood maple. I got so excited and returned all of the manufactured wood10301066_10100670584575337_8709893086552766180_n crap that I had bought. Then started the week of Hell…

My advice for people thinking they can redo hardwood floors themselves, is DON’T! It was so much work. So much scraping off glue. So much sanding. So much dust. So much of wiping every surface of my house (ceiling and walls included). And I had all of my living and dining room furniture crammed into our front porch and kitchen. It looked like something off the show Hoarders.

Luckily we had some great friends come over and help us scrape glue until 2am. We repaid them in pizza and beer but I wish I could have given them more. It was hard work. You can’t start sanding until most of the glue is gone because it will gum up the sand paper (we learned the hard way). We rented a sander from Menard’s and sanded into the early morning hours. Then I had to go to work and Nic sanded some more.

10325317_10100670583702087_4524952112539162421_n 10270543_10100670583756977_6652333576845229018_n 10157357_10100670584211067_2696476336263795668_n 1920482_10100670584405677_6514384187623779337_n1609939_10100670583602287_5292804420433054877_n

10296729_10100670583791907_5770950945794006042_n 1544407_10100670584136217_8089325355428872988_n

Then we bought a detail sander and spent 2 days sanding the edges and ripping up trim. Every surface of the house was covered in dust. Then I spent a whole night up until 1am dusting the walls and ceiling of every room in the house. That was fun…

10359532_10100670584934617_6705117519827406597_n 10329229_10100670583662167_5046152479810358197_n


Seriously, don’t do this.

10178028_10100670583886717_5890049446863773203_n 10174964_10100670584370747_1423149923847681045_n 1491696_10100670584525437_4075043429855127552_n10308630_10100670583632227_6159579163334428122_n10325317_10100670584754977_6210617870773175487_n


We also had to repair a major hole that someone cut in the floor to access ductwork in the basement. They just put a piece of tin over it before they did the carpet. We bought some pieces of maple and then leveled out the floor. I distressed the wood with some coffee so it would look more like the rest. You can barely tell the hole was there.

And then came the time to put on polyurethane. We made 3 trips to Menard’s because we kept changing our mind on what kind to use. Water? Oil? Stain first? We started staining and then got some advice from woodworkers that that was a bad idea because maple doesn’t absorb stain well and it will look blotchy. So I sanded up all of the stain! Then we used tack cloth to get all the dust off and prepared to put the polyurethane on. Only to find that I bought the WRONG stuff. Wonderful. This was at 10pm. So Nic and I just cried and then laughed at how miserable this whole experience was.

4 coats of poly and 6 days later, we moved the furniture back in. It may not look perfect. It may be scratched and uneven and miscolored, but I do not care! We just tell people that we were going for the “distressed” look. People pay a lot of money for that right?


We saved half of the money that we would have if we did the “floating” fake wood floors. It was around $300 for 200 sq. ft. And I am happy to have my house back to normal and Nic is happy to put his feet up. He really did kick butt at this project and even took a day off work. Now we just have to do the trim and tile the kitchen…. I will wait on that for a few more weeks.

10295749_10100670584690107_8007406994786117690_n 1901412_10100670584171147_5227180259963371089_n


One thought on “Floor Remodel

  1. Oh my gosh, Aurora, you guys really got your money’s worth in sweat equity! I truly can’t believe you took this project on? What’s with your cat….the indoor latrine is not normal, is it? Your parents had the same problem with their cats, too? Will make sure to stop by and visit this coming weekend to check out your incredible accomplishment(s)!

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