Mackinac Island, a wedding and other fun


Whoa. I keep forgetting to update and post photos.

Nic and I went to Mackinac Island the last weekend in June. We stayed overnight at Straits State Park in St. Ignace. Beautiful campground! I reserved a site right on the straits and we had a fire with the Mighty Mac glowing in the background. 

We rode bikes from the campsite into downtown St. Ignace and explored a little bit. You could call us Fudgies! The mayflies were insane! We hardly talked on the entire bike ride because you couldn’t open your mouth. It was literally a wall of bugs. We had a good time though.

1607116_10100718942670327_5445073038541546220_n 10368888_10100714506670107_1144533415851543567_o

10359402_10100718942924817_3813711759161540207_nThe next day, we took the ferry to Mackinac Island. the ferry took us under the bridge too, which was pretty cool. I have been to the island more times than I can count, but it was Nic’s first time. So of course we had to do all of the touristy stuff. We brought our mountain bikes and biked around the island. We also explored the inland a little bit, trying to find some trails. We found some, but they were not that impressive. We went to Arch Rock and Skull Cave. The first part of the day was cold and rainy, but it cleared up later on. We ate at Mary’s Bistro for lunch. It was a short trip, but fun. I would like to stay overnight on the island sometime, but it is so expensive!

10514560_10100718943249167_6236084953401753849_n 10513279_10100718942296077_9024961063592278332_n 10502203_10100718943054557_946638491277323207_n

10492361_10100718942261147_7305685841570881813_n 10483907_10100718939870937_851681848104299663_n

10450643_10100718943418827_2669399093346359340_n 10472632_10100718943488687_1944023466064737183_n 10432537_10100718942126417_4750097339703344637_n

10421587_10100718943393877_1349655190072094317_n 10418952_10100718943343977_799435787018384903_n 10382626_10100718942615437_8971882902371796443_n

10395184_10100718942775117_3049716246509215658_n 1043875_10100718942954757_6996928464130614038_n


Another little day trip that Nic and I took this summer, was to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Our friend, Marc, is a park ranger there and is living in a cabin on Lake Superior. It was a chilly night, but we bundled up and walked the beach. Fueled by delicious Johnny Dog’s in Munising, we enjoyed our peaceful evening.

10462582_10100703984701217_4051068423837871131_n 10339325_10100703984541537_2925763970973841478_o 10295022_10100703984466687_3185849415298957623_o


My brother got married! Oliver finally married his girlfriend, Alex, of ten years at a beautiful ceremony in Ellsworth, MI. I didn’t get that many photos because I was in the wedding. I will be sure to post a link to the professional ones soon. Here are a couple that I got.

10522764_10100732692440677_2464429990182522690_n 10494513_10100735305968147_2507670139426407750_o

Alex’s cousin, Sterling, made a beautiful video of the event.Please check it out!! I can’t embed it for some reason….






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