And then there was snow…


The Upper Peninsula got slammed with snow in November. Some places got over 4 feet in 48 hours. Yes, 4 feet! It was awesome! So much snow, that I had to go buy a snowblower. My back couldn’t take anymore shovelling. The snow did stick around, but we haven’t had any huge storms since then. A couple nights of 6-8″, but nothing crazy.

We love snow up here. It means skiing, snowboarding, snow biking and not having to clean the dog poop in the yard. Luckily the temperatures have been much more mold than last year. Our pipes have not frozen yet and we only had a week or two of sub-zero temps, which is tolerable.

10891703_10100918241673527_249046341444480558_n 10422103_10100918242407057_5165857322777153269_n

We made a trip up to Mount Bohemia early in January. They always get a lot of snow and with ungroomed runs, that is a good thing. Friends, snow and yurts make for a good weekend getaway.

10869793_10100897249656697_4324096951538524854_oNic and I bought a snow bike this year. We are sharing until we can afford a second one (one of the advantages of being the same size as your significant other). Think of a mountain bike with monster truck tires. This thing flies through the snow with no problem. And with a lot of groomed snow bike trails in the Marquette area, our town is blowing up with winter biking! It is a great workout for the dogs and I, and another way for me to get outside when there isn’t enough fresh powder for backcountry skiing.


Check out this video about snow biking in Marquette. Warning, you are going to want to visit us after watching this:

<p><a href=”″>COLD ROLLED-Full Length Film</a> from <a href=””>Clear &amp; Cold Cinema</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Other winter activities that we enjoy are snowshoeing and hiking along the lakeshore. Whether Lake Superior is completely frozen over or stirring with gale winds, a hike along the lake is epic. The sound alone of the waves and icebergs is incredible.


10917282_10100931509988717_1469644405846696576_n (1)My friend Megan and I took a trip up to the Keweenaw Peninsula last weekend. We snowshoed into the Hanka Homestead Museum near Baraga. It was only a 3 mile hike in but the snow was deep. The homestead is an old settlement from when the Finnish settlers starting coming to the Upper Peninsula. It was cool being there all alone and peeking in the buildings, but I would like to come back in the summer and do a tour.

10378268_10100931509724247_894918616073418632_n (1) 10896334_10100931509844007_2129747136481833824_o (1)

10256369_10100878618224237_3123438878216057036_nWinter is also a good time for us to get some things done around the house too. And to relax and do crafts. Nic and I are addicted to Game of Thrones. While we watch that, I will usually crochet or do some basket weaving. I learned a couple new technique this winter. First is a celtic knot basket made of willow (that I helped harvest) and the second is calling coiling. It is made from pine needles. I still have some practicing to do on that one. I also made a cool bike rim wreath for our door.


10402707_10100881385019557_420646554087383246_nOur pets love when we are home a lot and relaxing with them. Speaking of pets; our chickens are doing well! They don’t seem to mind the cold at all. They don’t like stepping in the snow, so we put some hay down in their run so they can hang out outside. We have a heated water bowl for them and a light that we turn on when it gets below -10 or so. But they are still laying eggs everyday!



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