I’m Back!

My followers keep asking me where I have been! I know, I am slacking on keeping up with the blog. But I’ve been busy. With my wedding, volunteering, and working my butt off to pay for the wedding! You know…unimportant stuff like that.

1965611_10100807257611477_6529853279313024162_oI will start by catching up with the fall. We had a great season of mountain biking. I got a new Giant Trance Advanced 27.5, which I love! We made a couple trips up to Copper Harbor with friends and of course took advantage of the incredible trails in our hometown, Marquette. We had some good days of fishing and lounging on the beach. Although the temperature of Lake Superior was extremely cold all summer and fall. Maybe the icebergs that lasted into June has something to do with that…

At my annual summer work party, Nic and I killed the costume competition. The regulars at the prestigious golf course gave us some funny looks.

10639682_10100782413159957_4780745209092894285_n 10495696_10154536302030584_2779683190917924417_o


We spent a weekend in the Northwoods of Wisconsin for a friend’s wedding. This year was full of weddings!

Nic and I are all about the day/weekend trips. I have lived in the Upper Peninsula for over 10 years now, and there is still so much for us to explore. So we take advantage of that whenever we can.

10334236_10154679146985584_4968297939918069895_nWe met my parents in the Southeastern part of the UP for a quick kayak trip down the Carp River. It was only a 3 hour drive for us and it was an exceptionally warm autumn day. The river trip was short but it was full of little rapids and small waterfalls. Nic used my whitewater kayak and I paddled my sit-on-top kayak. Using the sit-on-top was a riot. It is not built for waterfalls, so it was quite an adventure. While Nic, my Dad, his friend Tom and I kayaked the river, my Mom sat in the sunshine with the dogs and cooked us lunch.

10698632_10154679165785584_5891339927049050970_n 1391757_10154679165545584_8861610014664573891_n

10708565_10154679168865584_446550742904467559_oWe stopped at Tahquamenon Falls on the way home from kayaking. Since it was so warm out and the fall foliage was in full effect, the park was really busy. The dogs enjoyed the attention and the hike though.


Another big event that happened this fall, was my Bachelorette party and bridal shower. My Maid of Honor, Megan threw me the best party ever!


Eight of my closest friends joined me for the weekend-long event in the Lower Peninsula. We stayed at Megan’s parents cabin in Ellsworth on Six Mile Lake. Her parents had the place decorated, fire pit full of wood, beds made, and bar stocked. We played games and sat out by the fire. Woke up to some amazing sunrises on the lake.

1393379_10100801505254247_2519751786796751986_nWe also made a trip to Traverse City for a wine tasting tour. Megan rented us a van and we went to 5 different vineyards on the Old Mission Peninsula. The sun was shining and we were having a blast. I was actually a little overwhelmed by all of the attention but it was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by my beautiful friends.

10645115_10100801503348067_1841450275350897955_n 10574487_10100801504400957_4914391377122306466_n 10702151_10100801504261237_7217431440492880024_n


10613015_10152704360963841_8513003726221401464_n 1610781_10202853782886856_627106907345204074_n

That same weekend, my mother hosted a bridal shower at her house in Boyne City. A lot of friends and relatives came. It was so much fun seeing everyone! I was dreading having all eyes on me and having to open gifts in front of people, but it went fine and I scored some great items. I am just glad that I don’t have to do that ever again!


Do not fret. I have many pictures from our wedding in Mexico and the reception in Marquette. I am still waiting on the photos from our photographer, but as soon as I get them, they will be posted.

*As always, you can click on any photo to enlarge it.


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