Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Someday I will have my dream kitchen. But until then, I have to suck it up and make the best of my teeny tiny kitchen with no storage or countertop space.

This is our kitchen before we bought the house:


I HATED those orange countertops. Now, I have grown to love them. The rest of our house was just as bland as the kitchen. It was nice to have a blank slate though.

First we painted the countertops:


The paint was in the “oops” pile at Lowes and was $5. Can’t complain.

Then we painted the walls. I always loved teal and it did make the house feel more like home. Nic’s brother, Jordan, put a new light fixture up for my birthday last year. The old, functionless ceiling fan had to go.

And with a little decor, it started coming together:


Next up was that awful, chipped floor and cabinet hardware:


I am still working on the trim, but we do love the floors. The hardware was $40.

IMAG0674At first, we wanted to tile the kitchen. But we discussed it and we didn’t think it would be a good idea. We plan on renting the house when we outgrow it someday. And we would rather not deal with renters dropping things on the tile and breaking it. We had someone do an estimate on doing the floors with laminate… $2200….No thanks. We decided to tackle it ourselves. And in less than 24 hours and for $300, we had new vinyl.

IMAG0677It was relatively easy to put together. The floating floor came in 1’x3′ sheets of solid vinyl with tongue-and-groove edges. You can cut it with a utility knife, but it is very hard on the hands! We did find out the best way to do it through trial and error. First, put together one row, and then snap the next row together before pushing it all in to the previous row. This way made the edges more flush.  It seems very durable so far and it doesn’t look as dark in real life, as it does in the photo. I would have picked a lighter color if I could have, but it only came in two colors, slate and beige. Beige would have been awful.

So, little by little, our house is coming together. Next up is the roof and driveway! Not looking forward to either of those….


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