A Fall Color Tour in the Keweenaw


Summer has come to an abrupt end. The temps are dropping, my garden is harvested and the foliage is in full autumn mode. My friend, Megan, and I went up to the Keweenaw Peninsula to do a little sightseeing last weekend. *I apologize for the massive amount of pictures in this post! Please click on them to enlarge, and don’t forget to hit the ‘back’ button to get back to the blog. Continue reading

Ho Ho Ho


I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, and my mother has been bugging me to post more pictures and updates. I blame Facebook, because I have been just putting all of my pictures on there. Also, the last month has been crazy! Nic and I have been travelling all over the place and trying to keep up with the holidays. Enough excuses…here are some updates. Continue reading

Right to Farm

I would like to bring attention to a big issue that I am finding more and more common lately: the government’s attack on small farms (and even gardens). We are hearing a lot about people in urban and suburban areas with gardens in their front lawns, being forced to “landscape” their property instead of growing food. It starts with neighbors complaining that the gardens don’t fit in with the subdivision complex, or that the raised beds are an eye sore. Then the government gets involved and it becomes the homeowners fight for their rights to grow vegetables instead of maintaining a well-manicured green lawn. I am having a hard time understanding this whole issue. What ever happened to “victory gardens”? I like having my own garden and I recently expanded it into my front yard because I have better sun and I am so sick of mowing! I am just waiting to see how long it takes for one of my neighbors to chirp in…

Here are some examples of people in urban areas that are fighting to keep their gardens. I got these pictures off of a Facebook page called Grow Food Not Lawns. Why is this illegal?:

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‘Fried’ Green Tomatoes

My friend came over with her kids (ages 2 and 7) last night and I had them pick all of my tomatoes for me. They loved it. So did I, because there were a lot of tomatoes! I think tomato season is done up here in the Upper Peninsula. We have been getting highs of 50-60 each day and lows of 35-45 each night. The tomatoes are just not getting ripe on the vine. I have a ton of green tomatoes now. I will try and ripen them under a blanket in the basement and see what happens. I was also told to add some apples in with them because they help the tomatoes ripen and keep them from rotting. I chopped all of my basil last night too and made pesto. Basil is another plant that needs heat to flourish.

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