Mexico Day Tres

Day three was…..

  1. One of the most frightening days of my life.
  2. The day that Nic said he was very proud of me.
  3. The day that made me really appreciate sunlight.

Let’s see why.

We started the day with a huge breakfast, full of fruit and homemade bread with local honey at The Pickled Onion. Then we went to Uxmal, which was less than 15 minutes down the road from Santa Elena, where we were staying. Uxmal was pretty cool. I had heard a lot about it because it is one of the more popular Mayan ruin sites in the Yucatan. It costs 177 pesos a person and then another 22 pesos to park.  We expected there to be a lot of tourists, and indeed there was, but the place was so huge that you could escape to quiet places if you wanted. We opted to explore without a map or a guide. It took about 2 hours to see the whole place (who knows if we saw it all). The views from the top of the pyramids were great. You could see for miles. It was so hot there and the sun was really strong. We kept picturing scenes from Apocalypto while walking around (It is a must see before you check out the Mayan ruins). It is amazing to think that such an ancient culture could build these huge buildings.

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