Road Trip – Acadia National Park & Baxter State Park


On to the next leg of the road trip! We spent the last few days in Camden, Maine, where I gained a very handsome fiance. 🙂 Next, we headed North in the cold rain to Acadia National Park. Continue reading


Road Trip – New Hampshire


If you have never been to the White Mountains in New Hampshire, make sure you go there. We had no idea what to expect when we drove up to it on the highway from Northeastern Vermont. It was the end of May and the first thing we saw when entering the highway, was a “Winter Storm Warning”. And they weren’t kidding. There was over 4 inches of fresh snow and it was barely above freezing temps. The second thing that we noticed, was that the mountains were actually quite HUGE. Much more that what I would expect for any mountain in the East.  Continue reading

A day in Ottawa National Forest

Nic and I made a short overnight trip to Ottawa National Forest this past weekend. It has been raining for weeks in the U.P. and we wanted to take advantage of a few dry days and our days off. We met a friend at Sturgeon River Campground, which is about an hour drive from Marquette. We arrived after dark and we saw hundreds of deer along the way. I was driving while Nic was scanning the side of the road for deer. This campground was really cool. We set our tent up 20 feet from the river. It is free to camp there and is pretty rustic. It did have a pit bathroom and the boys said it was very clean. We were the only ones there, so the dogs ran around free and loved it. It was a chilly night and I didn’t get much sleep. I woke up from being cold, or the dogs woke me up because they were cold and needed to be covered up. I am not sure if they were cold because they don’t have much fur, or if they were just spoiled and wanted to be under the blankets… Continue reading