Mexico Day Dos

It was day two of the trip and Nic and I actually woke up very well rested. We got dressed and decided to skip breakfast at the hotel and walked into town instead. We went to the main square and found a¬†convenience¬†store. We stocked up on supplies (coke, water, juice, cookies, chips, sandwiches, pudding :)…the necessities of course). Everything was so cheap, we couldn’t believe it. It was under 6 US dollars for everything! I feel like I spend that at a gas station in the US when I only get a bag of chips and a pop.

There were a lot of street vendors out and we bought some cheese empanadas with salsa and crema (sour cream) for breakfast. 3 for 10 pesos…what a steal! I thought they were great. Nic wasn’t impressed. Either way, they filled us up.

  • Note: 100 pesos equals around 8 dollars and 1 dollar equals 13 pesos.

After we had breakfast, we packed up and left the hotel early. We had some miles (correction – kilometers) to cover today. The plan was to drive from Merida to Santa Elena, near the ruins of Uxmal.

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Mexico Day Uno

The flight from Cleveland to Cancun went fine. We were very excited and I was hoping to sleep but that didn’t happen. As soon as we got off the plane, it was hot and sunny. Going through customs took over an hour. There were so many spring breakers. Once we took the shuttle to the car rental company, our day started going downhill… Continue reading