Snowy and Cold February

The average temperature in Marquette for February 2015…..2.4 degrees F. Yeah. 2.4 degrees. I can’t even count how many days I have got up and started my car in the negative double digits. There were several mornings below -20 degrees. So cold!


While the cold really sucks, we have also been blessed with a ton of snow. Continue reading


Searchmont and Copper Harbor


The snow just won’t let up!

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Road Trip – NJ to Vermont


It was a long and rainy drive from New Jersey to Northern Vermont. We didn’t take into account that we left on Friday afternoon on Memorial Day weekend, and the traffic in the East is horrible! What was expected to be a 6 hour drive, became almost 11. First, we had a hard time adjusting to the toll booths on the turnpikes. There are express card lanes and there are cash-only lanes. Of course we were on the far left lane, when the cash lane was on the far right. Just try merging through 8 lanes of heavy traffic to get far right! People were hitting our cars with their mirrors, our bikes were getting bumped on the back of the car, and we had a few panic attacks. Luckily Nic was driving through all of this while I navigated. Once we got into Connecticut, traffic came to a halt. It was bumper to bumper as far as the eye could see….for over 2 hours. I literally could have walked faster than the rate we were moving on the highway. I promise that I will never complain about lunch hour traffic in Marquette again!  Continue reading

Winter is Here!

I think all of that complaining that I did about the lack of snow we have, has caught up to me! We sure do have it now in the UP! I keep shoveling off the back porch, but the dogs refuse to go off it into the deep snow in the backyard. They have now taken to peeing off/on the porch :/ Not too happy about that! Nic and I went back country skiing last night with the dogs and they could barely walk through the snow. I’m so sore from shoveling!

The view from a coworker's window.

The view from a coworker’s window.

Ho Ho Ho


I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, and my mother has been bugging me to post more pictures and updates. I blame Facebook, because I have been just putting all of my pictures on there. Also, the last month has been crazy! Nic and I have been travelling all over the place and trying to keep up with the holidays. Enough excuses…here are some updates. Continue reading